Steel plastic composite pipe

Plastic composite pipe, welded steel pipe products, seamless steel tubes for the group, polyethylene powder coating the inner wall of high adhesion, corrosion, food grade hygienic coating or epoxy paint. Using pre-treatment, preheating, interior painting, leveling, water supply and galvanizing process after treatment made inside plastic composite pipe, galvanized pipe upgrade traditional products. A new composite tube pipe, steel pipe called a lot of places. Steel is a ferrous material; plastic means plastic, plastic composite pipe is typically a high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE).
Plastic composite pipe has many categories, can be classified according to the structure of the pipe: steel reinforced plastic composite pipe, seamless steel reinforced plastic composite pipe, steel plastic composite pipe network hole and steel mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe. Currently, the market is the most popular steel reinforced plastic composite pipe, that is, we often say that the plastic composite pressure pipe, this pipe through the middle layer of high carbon steel butt curl forming welded steel layer, inner and outer layers are high density polyethylene (HDPE). This intermediate layer steel pipes, pipe pressure so performance is very good, unlike aluminum pressure is not high, the largest diameter pipe can do 63mm, maximum diameter steel pipe can be done 300mm, or even more; Since the intermediate layer steel pipe is sealed, so this steel pipe also has oxygen barrier effect, it can be directly used direct drinking water project, and its inner and outer layer is a plastic material, has a very good corrosion resistance. So excellent performance, making plastic composite pipe very versatile, petroleum, natural gas, mining pipe, various fields of drinking water pipes, drains, and so can see this tube figure.
CJ / T120-2008 standards
GB / T5135.20-2010 standard
CJ / T136-2007 standards
GB / T17219-1998 health standards