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Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, the company was established in 1997, professional for the city to provide a good supply of pipe and accessories. Products include: plastic compound pipe lining for water supply, water supply plastic composite pipe, fire plastic composite pipe, high-frequency welded steel pipe, hot dip galvanized steel pipe, galvanized wire tube, wire and plastic casing, the specifications of the composite pipe accessories. Has been awarded the "5A grade China quality credit enterprise" "Guangdong province quality brand protection demonstration list of enterprises," a number of honors for the Guangdong province famous pipe enterprises.

Professional strength

Company has more than 20000 square meters of modern workshop, cultivate and bring up a large number of senior technical staff, technical staff, inspection staff and management personnel, formed a specialized team of R & D, design, production, sales, management. Equipped with full set of welded pipe, galvanized pipe, a water supply lining plastic compound steel pipe, internal and external plastic composite pipe, and other one-stop equipment, and built the first automatic continuous lining plastic (plastic) pipe production line.

Two major brands

7 years of credit management, Guangzhou City, Guangdong, China Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. will always pursue the "quality is the root, honesty, service oriented, advancing with the times, leading the industry" business philosophy, continue to refine and perfect management system, advanced plant equipment, professional and technical personnel, products R & D and production provide strong support and strength casting the Chinese Yueqi Xinhua Guangdong brand, and in the market caused widespread repercussions, was awarded the title of "famous brand of Guangdong Province", become the material of choice for many large buildings in the city. The production, sales, product quality, market share is growing, in the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce war found proper position.

look forward to the future

Nearly 20 years of industry accumulation, Guangdong, China laid the status of Guangdong province power pipe business, and in the future, China Guangdong determined to towards national, high-quality brand products applied to all parts of the country, dedicate to the construction of city, to build China pipe first enterprise strength and forge ahead for.

International competition, in the final analysis, is the competition of comprehensive national strength, the key is the competition of science and technology, the competition of science and technology is the competition of talents." With the continuous development of the socialist modernization, the continuous progress of science and technology, the market competition is more and more fierce, the enterprise to the quality of talent requirements are also more and more high, the market economy competition is ultimately reflected in the talent competition. Who has a high quality personnel, who has the foundation of success. Therefore, it is urgent to strengthen talent management is the core of enterprise management innovation.

Modern enterprise management focus from the management to the material to the management of people is an important trend of enterprise innovation management, people are not only the means of management, but also the content of management; the management of the object and object, but also the management of the main body and power. The innovation of modern enterprise management, the establishment of a scientific management system, ultimately rely on a large number of invigorate large and medium-sized enterprises of generalship, Shuai to achieve. In view of our country enterprise's talented person shortage, the personnel quality is not high, should seek the following countermeasure: strengthens the talented person management, implements the democracy, the scientific employment system, has created a high quality mature entrepreneur troop.

The competition of enterprises is the competition of talents. In personnel management, the first to dare to introduce talents, for each position, to have clear standards, as long as it can accord with the standard of talents, actively introduce, providing a fair and impartial platform, to management personnel with sufficient permissions, and everyone has appraisal system, appraisal and income linked to, do reward. At the same time, the management staff for qualified audit.